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Top-notch Dutch in-company courses in Amsterdam for groups & individuals.

At MORE than les, your employees will find learning Dutch to be a fun and engaging experience, making them feel MORE at home in the Netherlands and within your organisation. They’ll not only improve their Dutch but also feel more connected to their colleagues and the vibrant life in Amsterdam, building a great sense of community at work and in their new hometown.

Choose our 12 to 14-week in-company Dutch course for groups, held right at your office, to boost team spirit and collaboration. Alternatively, offer our intensive one-week program in Amsterdam for individual employees who need a quick start in Dutch. This non-stop, immersive experience offers a unique and thrilling way to rapidly enhance language skills. If you’re an employee or a group of colleagues or friends looking to start learning Dutch on your own, check out our private group course options!

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What are our focus points?


Active engagement between students and teachers enhances language learning. Fun, proactive lessons help students enjoy the process while mastering Dutch.


Speaking, speaking, speaking: the key to speaking comfortably. We provide our students with the tools to speak confidently in everyday situations, especially during their day to day lives and at the office.


Our goal is to help students quickly and effectively master Dutch. We customize our classes to fit the unique needs of each student, ensuring personalized and effective learning.

Real-World Practice

We incorporate real-world practice into the lessons. Whether it's a mock meeting, a grocery store conversation, or a chat at a local café, you'll be ready for real Dutch interactions.

Why choose to learn Dutch with MORE than les?

In-Company Dutch Courses

Boost your team's Dutch skills with MORE than les!
Why choose to learn Dutch with MORE than les?

One-week Intensive Dutch Courses

I need to pass inburgeringsexamen!
Why choose to learn Dutch with MORE than les?

Private Group Dutch Courses

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