Dutch Online Course with Noémie | Level 1 | Mondays 19:30-21:00 | Starting date Monday the 22nd of January 2024 | 10 live online lessons |

WHEN: Mondays 19:30-21:00
STARTS: Monday, the 22nd of January 2024
ENDS: Monday, the 8th of April 2024
BOOKNederlands in Gang chapter 1, 2, 3, 4
ROOM: online on ZOOM

Please check below what you are going to learn at this level!

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Dutch Online Course With Noémie | Level 1 | Mondays 19:30-21:00 | 

Starting Date Monday The 22nd of January 2024 | 10 Live Online Lessons |

Once you have gone through this course:

1: You have a mindset that makes you dare to speak Dutch. 

  • You dare to speak some words of Dutch.
  • You understand it’s an ongoing process.
  • You realize that doing nothing will not make you better anyway.
  • You dare to make imperfect sentences.


2. You can introduce yourself to others.

  • You can introduce yourself.
  • You can tell where you are from and what languages you already speak.
  • You can talk about your hobbies and your favorite sports.
  • You can spell your name and say the alphabet out loud.
  • You can tell what you do for work.


3. You can ask simple questions and answer them.

  • You can ask open and closed questions.
  • You can give simple answers.


4. You can introduce your family.

  • You know all the words about family.
  • You can question people about his/her family.
  • You understand when to say ‘jij’ or ‘u’.


5. You understand the calendar.

  • You can describe the days of the week.
  • You can describe the months, years, and seasons.
  • You can count and say 888 out loud quickly.
  • You can read the clock.
  • You can fill in a form.


6. You can order a beer at the bar.

  • You can greet and say goodbye.
  • You can order a beer or wine.
  • You can ask for the bill.
  • You can tip the friendly waiter.
  • You can speak simple Dutch in the bar.


7. You can ask people to talk slowly to you.

  • You can ask people to speak slowly.
  • You can ask people to keep talking in Dutch.
  • You can tell them you don’t understand, so they can switch to English.

8. You can make appointments in Dutch and respond to them.

  • You can ask if someone wants to meet with you and respond to that.
  • You can make different kinds of proposals to meet up.
    • Are you coming to…, Do you want to…, Would you like to…, Do you feel like…
  • You can write an email and answer a WhatsApp message.
  • You can understand when the stores are open or closed or any other location.

9. You can order in a restaurant.

  • You can order food online. 
  • You can order food in a restaurant.
  • You can tell if you like it.
  • You can tip.
  • You can make a reservation at a restaurant.


10. You can go to the market and chat with the cheese or vegetable seller.

  • You can name your ten favorite fruits and vegetables
  • You can have a chat with the greengrocer
  • You can have a small talk with the cheese vendor
  • You can buy several products
  • You can describe the products.


11. You can understand what is being said at the supermarket’s checkout.

  • You can ask where you can find the product that you are looking for.
  • You can have a chat with the cashier.
  • You can compare products with each other.
  • You can point to products.
  • You can write and talk about a dish.


12. You can shop online and IRL.

  • You can tell all the colors of the rainbow apart. 
  • You can describe your favorite clothes. 
  • You understand how to make online orders.
  • You can buy clothes in the store.


13. You learn how to answer simple questions, which is essential for the speaking exam.


14. Grammar to be covered: 

  • personal pronouns
  • conjugate verbs
  • inversion (questions and emphasis)
  • possessive pronoun
  • modal verbs
  • plural,
  • comparative + superlative,
  • adjective,
  • demonstrative pronoun,
  • object form of the personal pronoun.

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