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Enhance team spirit through in-company Dutch courses.

Stronger and more lasting connections guaranteed, all from the comfort of your office or online.

Fun, engaging and effective Dutch classes that will make your employees feel MORE at home in Amsterdam and within your organisation.

We truly understand the challenges of moving to a new country and starting a new job. Struggling with Dutch can add another layer of stress, making it harder for your employees to feel at home and excel.

Weekly team building and regular Dutch classes help your employees feel more connected and boost the work vibe. These sessions enrich employees’ lives and foster a sense of community both in the workplace and in Amsterdam, leading to a stronger and more lasting commitment to your company.

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50+ glowing reviews: “an amazing course where you learn up-to-date Dutch, with an extra bonus of making friendships”

Imagine speaking a new language with confidence

Effortlessly connecting with colleagues, and navigating everyday situations like a local. This is how we role for you:

Honest reviews from our students and their HR teams

Real stories - Real success!

Building bonds, breaking barriers

Turn language challenges into team-building opportunities and stronger workplace connections. Here's how our unique approach benefits your team:
  • We actively make a personal connection with every student, believing that strong teacher-student bonds enhance learning. Our courses incorporate team-building exercises that not only help your employees learn Dutch but also strengthen their collaboration and camaraderie, creating a fun and engaging environment.
  • Our teachers have over 8 years of experience, having assisted more than 1500 students. They are energetic, passionate, and deeply knowledgeable about Amsterdam, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective.

  • Our in-company courses make learning Dutch fun and engaging, right at your office or online. Lessons are tailored to be both enjoyable and professional, ensuring your team stays motivated and energized while learning effectively.

  • We create a supportive environment where making mistakes is part of the learning process. This approach is crucial for developing a positive mindset and boosting confidence. HR can be assured that their employees will be encouraged to try, fail, and improve, fostering a growth-oriented culture within the team.

  • We simplify grammar and vocabulary learning with tips and tricks that stick. Plus, we recommend the best tools and apps to help your employees reinforce their learning between classes.

  • Our exercises focus on real-life situations relevant to your employees’ daily tasks. Whether it’s business meetings or casual chats, our exercises prepare them for real-world interactions, making Dutch a practical part of their workday.

  • Your employees receive continuous, personalized feedback to help them improve quickly. This ensures they are always on the right track, making the most of their learning time.

  • Learning Dutch isn’t just about the language; it’s about understanding the culture. We delve into Dutch customs, traditions, and social norms to provide a well-rounded learning experience. This cultural awareness helps your employees integrate better and feel more connected to their new surroundings.

  • The skills your employees gain in this course will serve as a strong foundation for continued learning and practice. They’ll leave the course with a solid grasp of Dutch and a plan for further improvement, ensuring lasting benefits for their personal and professional lives.

  • This course provides a great opportunity for employees to get to know their colleagues better, fostering stronger workplace relationships. As they learn together, they’ll build a supportive network within the company, enhancing team cohesion and collaboration.


What the course looks like

Peek inside the course setup:
  • Great news! We have the green light from the management team to begin one or more group courses. Here’s how we will proceed:

    • Option 1: Provide the details of participants, preferred time, and location. We’ll handle the teacher and logistics.
    • Option 2: Share the email addresses of potential students or grant us access to your Slack. We’ll manage online tests and course assignments. After that, we’ll handle the teacher and logistics.
  • We will also coordinate with you on tracking attendance and securing a meeting room. Let’s get started!
  • We usually have three semesters per year: January to April (semester 1), April to July (semester 2), and September to December (semester 3). We typically take a break in August, as many internationals are on holiday. Want to start another time? Totally possible!
  • We start whenever you want, you give your preference on which day of the week and which time slot, and we organise the teacher. Give us two weeks and let’s go!
  • 12 to 14 weeks long, depending on company holidays and festivities. 
  • 2-hour sessions each week, with a small break of 5 minutes after 60 minutes.  
  • Personalised learning materials and games: We use a comprehensive textbook named Nederlands in Gang and bring lots of interactive games to make learning fun and practical. These materials and activities are tailored to your employees’ personal and professional lives. and are very welcome after a hard day of work, let’s keep them energised!
  • Balanced homework: Your employees will receive homework, but not too much. We understand they have work, home, and social lives to balance. Our homework is designed to reinforce learning without overwhelming them.
  • The course can be more formal or informal, depending on the group’s preferences and the wishes of HR. However, we always stay true to our authentic style. We won’t put on a suit to appear more professional.
  • We adapt to the dynamics of the group, adjusting every minute if needed, as our teachers know exactly what the group requires. If the group is full of extroverts, we focus on exercises that help them feel more grounded. Feeling a bit tired? We’ll switch to active games to re-energize.
  • The course content is tailored to fit the specific needs and interests of your team, making the learning experience relevant and engaging. Are you an organization in hospitality? We adjust the vocabulary to that. Are you a tech company? We will adjust it as well. Please realize that without any former knowledge of Dutch, we first cover some basics, then we focus on industry-specific content.

Let's get ready to transform your workspace

Boost team spirit, enhance communication, and create a more cohesive work environment with our tailored language classes.

Who am I?
- Noémie Winkel

I first committed to helping New Amsterdammers while welcoming refugees to Amsterdam in September 2015 (AT5). To expand my reach, I opened my own language school in December 2016, right after graduating with a Master’s in International Development Studies from Wageningen University. Our school, located in a wing of the former Bijlmer Bajes, quickly grew in popularity. With around 20 teachers, MORE than les helped over 500 students (Parool, NOS, JAN Magazine).

Starting in 2017, many companies showed interest in our services, leading to the establishment of in-company Dutch language courses. When government policies for teaching status holders changed in 2019, I shifted focus mainly to organizing these in-company courses.

MORE than les has since worked with over 100 companies in and around Amsterdam and continues to grow. With over 20 energetic and dedicated teachers, we cater to many more companies, offering both live and online courses. This ensures new Amsterdammers can learn Dutch in a fun and informal way, even from home (NRC).

Our latest concept is for those seeking intensive courses who prefer not to go to the Nonnen van Vught. After several trial sessions, I discovered a love for teaching one student intensively for a week—it’s super rewarding and fun. So that’s an option too!

Known from

This course is for your employees, if you want to:

Some of our clients

Take the next step!
You've seen the benefits and heard the success stories. Now it's time to take action and help your employees master Dutch quickly and effectively.


Yes, we use a comprehensive textbook named Nederlands in Gang, with additional exercises tailored to the daily life of your employees.

We meet at your office or online through Zoom. Our teachers typically travel by bike to your location within Amsterdam and nearby areas.

That shouldn’t be a problem. We also teach in Utrecht, Hoofddorp, Schiphol, and other nearby areas. Online is an option as well. Let’s talk and find a solution that works for both!

Usually a maximum of 8 students per class. The reason is that we want to maintain high quality. Are you with more, there are definitely possibilities for larger groups if needed.

For sure! The positive side effects of COVID taught us how to effectively conduct online classes, making it possible to reach your international employees no matter where they are.

We have an online test we can send to assess the levels of your employees and organize groups accordingly.

Absolutely! Provide us with the email addresses of your international employees, and we’ll handle the rest. We can also integrate with your company’s Slack for easy organization and communication.

No worries! We can send an invoice to each individual student before the course starts, or you can deduct it from their study budget yourself. Once everyone has paid, we can begin. The company can pay its invoice within 30 days. 

Up to 1/5th of the classes can be rescheduled (think of last-minute events, etc.). We do need to know 48 hours in advance. You can find more in the Terms and Conditions that you have agreed upon upfront.

If the teacher is sick, we will cancel the class and add an extra session at the end of the course.

Yes, we always aim to go outside during the last class after an hour. We will talk Dutch in a café and order drinks in Dutch. We hand out the certificates and the first round is on us! If you prefer to stay at the office, that’s not a problem.

No worries, it happens all the time. We agree with HR upfront on how many classes an employee is allowed to miss. Does your employee want to meet a bit earlier the next lesson to get an explanation on the missed grammar et cetera? Helemaal goed! We are there 15 minutes up front. 

If you have any other questions that are not listed here, please send us a message, and we’ll be happy to provide the information you need.

Let's make your international employees feel MORE at home
Many companies offer study budgets for professional development. Use this opportunity to boost your team's Dutch skills with our tailored, in-company course.