Open Group Dutch Courses

Open Dutch Group Courses

Learning Dutch: Confidence boosting Open Group Dutch Courses

Whether you’d like to start learning Dutch or boost your confidence speaking Dutch, we have courses available at all levels from A1 to B1. The Dutch courses are 12 weeks long and start on the 12th or 13th of September (depending on level, from beginners (A1) to more advanced (A2)).


What will you get if you buy a course with us: 

  • You will get 12 online classes of 1.5 hour + 2 live get-togethers at TNW (Singel 542, Amsterdam). 
    • We will meet twice in person with all students on Wednesday the 19th of October and Wednesday the 14th of December too (no worries if you cannot be there).
  • Every student gets a private class of 30 minutes which is worth 50 euro. You will get this extra for free if you want to make use of it (good for spreekexamen and schrijfexamen, or if you don’t dare to speak Dutch out loud).
  • We will have different videos that you can check back, where we will explain grammar to you and other essential vocabulary.
  • We will record the online live sessions, so don’t worry if you miss a class or two.
  • We have extra teaching material, so you dare to speak more Dutch. We will practice lots of daily life situations.
  • We won’t give you clichés but a genuine glimpse of Amsterdam.
  • Our diverse student body will give you the opportunity to strengthen your network in a fun and informal, yet educational setting.


If you get the course offered by your company, know that you can send the invoice to the company, and the company can pay within 30 days!

Check out the upcoming course here!

Why Open GRoup dutch courses with more than les?

Informal, energizing & fun classes for your employees

Top-notch classes

At MORE than les we work with a quality assured learning system. Our team of experienced teachers help students reach their language goals with speed and precision.

Online & Live

Our teachers come to your office, so there’s no need for the hassle of biking around the city. We also offer online courses. Easy like Sunday morning.

Informal & fun

We think laughter, fun and engagement is the way to true progress and long-term, practical skills. It's also a great way for your employees to stay connected to your company.

Open Group Dutch Courses

Speak Dutch with confidence

Speaking will help you get a firm grasp on Dutch grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The more you speak, the faster you’ll gain fluency in Dutch.  

Strengthen your network​

You’ll meet plenty of professionals from all walks of life. Our Dutch courses provide the perfect opportunity to build and strengthen your network in Amsterdam.

Cliché-free classes​

Windmills? Tulips? Wooden clogs? You’ll hear none of that at our classes. We’ll provide you with a genuine glimpse of Amsterdam and the Dutch way of life.

Learn from enthusiastic teachers

Our team consists of colourful, uplifting, and active teachers ready to guide you through the Dutch language and culture.

Some of our Clients

Get in touch with us and make a huge difference for your employees.