MORE than les in the media

Curious to know what different media outlets have written about us? Then check out our media coverage below to read more about how MORE than les has grown, what our origin story is, and how we have helped new Amsterdammers throughout the years!

MORE than les has been featured by prominent Dutch news and media outlets like Het Parool, NRC, NOS, and JAN Magazine. During the Corona crisis, the founder of MORE than les, Noémie has been interviewed three times about how MORE than les has adapted creatively to the changing realities. Noémie Winkel: ‘When this [corona pandemic] is over, I think we will be teaching live again. […]  I will come out of this crisis stronger. In the future, it will work to my advantage that I have experienced this.’ (translated from Dutch) Read the full article below.

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‘Nu focus ik me dus vooral op bedrijven die expats in dienst hebben, voornamelijk tech- bedrijven. Ze leren de taal en ook elkaar en Amsterdam kennen. Het is indirect een vorm van teambuilding. Als mensen zich prettig voelen op een plek, blijven ze daar ook langer wonen én werken.’
Noémie Winkel raakte zo gefrustreerd over het Nederlandse schoolsysteem met betrekking tot vluchtelingen, dat ze besloot om haar eigen taalschool MORE than les op te richten. Hier geeft ze vluchtelingen en expats op een goede en positieve manier les. Zo blijft Noémie weg van het Nederlandse clichébeeld en gebruikt ze stof waar mensen daadwerkelijk iets aan hebben. Hoe bestel je in een restaurant, hoe voer je een sollicitatiegesprek en hoe flirt je eigenlijk?
MORE than les is a Dutch language school with a different approach based in the Lola Lik cultural hub in Amsterdam. With small classes, intensive timetables, super passionate teachers, and an emphasis on real-life situations, founder Noémie Winkel aims to not just teach Dutch, but also help her students build a new life Amsterdam.
”Six months ago I had this crazy idea to start my own language school. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and since I was already teaching Dutch to expats I thought why not open up my own school. There are many language schools in Amsterdam but instead of just creating a place where people come to learn the language I wanted to build a community, a place where people can feel a sense of belonging”.