Learning Dutch: Rewarding private Dutch courses

In need of something MORE? Our private Dutch courses are the perfect solution for individuals with unconventional schedules or those in preparation for inburgeringsexamen or staatsexamen. We’ll tailor your classes to your individual level, your needs, and your schedule.

Get in touch with us and let us help you pass your inburgerings exam!

Why Private dutch courses with MORE than les?

Fruitful, rewarding & trustworthy private Dutch courses

Top-notch classes

Our team of experienced teachers help you reach your language goals with speed and precision.

Online & Efficient

Easy like Sunday morning. Yes, due to the short amount of time you have to pass the exams, we will give you the tips and tricks online!

Informal & fun

You'll laugh and have a lot of fun in our classes. We believe this is the way to true progress and long-term, practical skills.

Private Dutch Courses

Tailored to your level and needs

You’ll be given the right tools to develop your Dutch language skills or pass the inburgeringsexamen or staatsexamen. 

Flexible scheduling

We’ll create classes around your agenda. You’ll benefit  from arranging a flexible schedule – choose your own dates, times and frequency of classes.

We will give you personalized tips & tricks

Yes, we check in on you, and see what you need to improve your Dutch! Maybe you want to do it perfect right away, so we will help you overcome that fear of making mistakes. You do you. You are allowed to not be perfect right away.

Inburgeringsexamen & Staatsexamen training

You’ll be given the utmost attention and tutoring in your preparation for the inburgersexamen or the staatsexamen. 

Some of our Clients

Get in touch with us and let us help you pass your inburgerings exam! Be quick!