Amidst the chaos of a hectic life moving through 4 countries in 5 years and working in Marketing and Communication, getting in touch with the yoga practice has responded to a much sought need for grounding and peace, it has represented a home to find within myself wherever I am. Yoga has also opened my eyes to a new way to use my body, breath and mind as a whole, allowing me to achieve a sense of balance and well being that I had never experienced before.   I am trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa and I teach both styles, trying to bring a creative and playful vibe in my classes. While I still have my office job in a scaling up start-up I cherish the balance that the yoga practice gives me, with a strong and long session or even a short break from my desk during a hectic day. Sharing this peace and balance with fellow busy bees in other companies fills me with energy and inspiration.