Hello, I am Jojanneke! Yes, Jo-jan-ne-ke. I can’t help it, but you can call me Jojo if you like. My parents never thought I would ever interact with people who don’t speak Dutch. No problem though; I will teach them! I studied Taal en Communicatie and Linguistics in Amsterdam and I have always loved language. When I was a kid, I used to read the dictionary. From A zo Z, literally. I have also always loved telling people everything I know about language, and I also love learning about other languages from people from all over the world. So, basically, teaching Dutch might just be the perfect job for me. I try to incorporate as much songs, games and fun in my class as possible, but I also think grammar behind the phrases really helps understanding the logic of the language (as far as there is logic …). Either way, you can expect anecdotes and funny stories about our language from my part – and I hope to hear them about yours as well!