Hi! How to present myself to you in ‘een notendop’ ( a nutshell) in a way that is relevant to you, being interested in learning Dutch…? Daar gaan we (here we go)! I was born in the heart of Amsterdam and still love living in this vibrant, ‘multi-culti’, never boring city. After studying Dutch and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam while at the same time training to become a singer and actress, I ventured into creative writing for music-theatre performances and did a lot of voice-over work for animated movies (like Harry Potter, Antz, Dinasaur etc.). Then followed many years of performing in music-theatre production and providing creative communication for various NGO campaigns (who says you should specialize…?!). In spring 2020, I started teaching Dutch and discovered how much I like doing that! A new passion was born! My educational and professional background provided me with a sharp eye for grammar and a good ear for proper pronunciation. My love for language and its connecting power keeps growing and any chance to share this love with others (you!) feels like ‘een cadeautje’ (a gift) to me, not like work at all! In light of my background it won’t surprise you that, besides using all the standard methods for teaching you everything you need to pass NT2 exams, I also like using creative ones, such as working with song lyrics, doing language raps, working with cartoons, movies etc.. Ready to take off? Looking forward to going on this journey with you!